Scent Descriptions

Please find below the Jamcat Candles scent descriptions.  And remember, the scent is what your nose and your brain tell you it is!!  Your description and definition may differ, which is why we like to give you fun scent names from which to choose!!!  Enjoy!!!

Aloha:  close your eyes and imagine the Hawaiian breeze and tropical warmth of this fruit and floral filled COCONUT WATER and MANGO scent.

Apple Pickin': a sweet reminder of those fall days of picking APPLES and the juiciness of that first bite!

Baby Love: a POWDERY, clean, fresh scent.

Breakfast of Champions: "Breakfast Served All Day" with this full flavored scent of PECAN WAFFLES, dripping with MAPLE SYRUP!!!

Brownie Points: reward yourself with the scent of tempting, irresistible CHOCOLATE and FUDGE WALNUT BROWNIES!

Cardigan:  a warm, loving, CASHMERE hug, wrapped in soft, sophisticated notes of MUSK, SANDALWOOD, MANDARIN, and LIME.

Chilly Willy:  a whisper of cool PEPPERMINT.

C is for Cookie:  the delicious aroma of freshly baked SUGAR COOKIES!

Clothesline: the APRIL FRESH scent of clothes just out of the dryer, or those blowing in the breeze on the clothesline outside.

Cocoa Kisses:  relive memories of enjoying chocolate centered lollipops, and cups of rich, HOT CHOCOLATE!

Country Roads:  take a break from city life and imagine a stroll through a sun-kissed MEADOW, filled with warm, golden HONEY and fragrant FLOWERS.

D is for Donut:  the enticing aroma of CINNAMON SUGAR DONUTS!

Fly Me To The Moon:  get ready for take off with this day-dreamy combination of NEROLI and CEDAR.

Fruit Basket:  the juicy mixture of BERRIES, LEMONS, ORANGES and GRAPEFRUIT. Like the striped chewing gum, loopy cereal or cubed candy we enjoyed as children (and may still as adults!).

Gingy:  GINGERBREAD at its yummiest!

Goo Goo Doll:  buttery, ooey, gooey, milky CARAMEL!

Hey Sailor!: An enticing and sultry scent, that will sweep you off your feet!  Filled with AMBER, VANILLA, CITRUS, SEA SALT, PLUM and CARDAMOM.

It's a Boy!:  a smooth talking combination of BERGAMOT, CEDARWOOD, STAR ANISE and TONKA BEAN, among other tones reminiscent of men's cologne.

It's a Girl!:  a combination of all that is airy, sassy and PINK SUGARY! Think cotton candy, meets fruits and flowers.

Joe Joe:  an eye opening scent filled to the rim with freshly brewed COFFEE, HAZELNUTS and MILK.

L'Mon Bean:  a soft, refreshing, citrus blend of sweet VERBENA and LEMON ZEST.

Melon Dramatic:  the tangy, fresh and ripe cast and crew of CUCUMBER, HONEYDEW, CANTALOUPE and WATERMELON unite for your sniffing entertainment

Merry Berry:  a happy, cheerful, aromatic mixture of RED BERRIES and GARDENIA.

Moccasin:  Filled with hints of CEDARWOOD, FIR NEEDLE, LIME and PATCHOULI, this LEATHER scent will remind you of your favorite pair of shoes, your third wedding anniversary gift, or those boots that are made for walkin'!!!!

Nilly Vanilly:  surround yourself with a familiar VANILLA scent, because we know it's true, VANILLA  is a fan favorite!

Peace Berry:  Native American Indians offered CRANBERRIES as a gesture of peace.  So, let there be peace on earth!!!

Pucker Up: A sweet, juicy, mouth-watering blend of WATERMELON LEMONADE!

Pumpkin Ooo La La:  this delicious PUMPKIN scent is the Fall season's best seller!

Purple Rain: a gentle, comforting, relaxing, regal LAVENDER.

Secret Garden:  a soft, beautiful, sweet FLORAL scent in combination with an exotic WHITE TEA.

Spice Girl:   this fiery scent filled with PEPPERCORN, FLORAL FIGS, PORT WINE, JASMINE, LILY OF THE VALLEY and SOFT MUSK definitely commands attention when it walks into the room!

Tailgating:  LEAVES, leaves and more leaves!  The melodic tones of MANDARIN, APPLE, CLOVE and CINNAMON.

Top O' The Muffin:  the enticement of a melty, warm, BLUEBERRY MUFFIN, straight from the oven!

Tree House:  bring back memories of climbing up to your childhood haven, or hiking as an adult, all while taking in this combination of FIR, PINE and SPRUCE.

Unscented:  No fragrance? No problem!!! 

Winter Warmth:  the deep scent of a roaring FIREPLACE, a toasty campfire or burning candles at Midnight Mass.