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Enjoy the company of these full-lashed and pink-lipped candles in a large version or it's adorable mini me!

These ladies certainly act as a wonderful pick me up or a sweet gift and gesture that shows you're thinking of someone special.

To determine your preferred scent, click here to view the available scent descriptions. 

    • 6 oz  and 20 oz 
    • Hand crafted with natural soy wax 
    • Cotton wick designed for a clean burn 
    • Fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils and free of chemical phthalates 
    • Approximate burn time: 30-40 hours and 100 hours

    Complete your purchase with a wick trimmer or gift box! (Gift box only available for Mini Selfie)

    Add a bit of spark to your purchase with our match boxes!  Click here to check them out!