Hello, It’s Me!

I’m Janet, the creator of Jamcat Candles! Welcome to my shop!

Jamcat Candles, LLC, is Janet Mary Catherine’s (my) creative outlet and passion.

After years of caring for ill children as a pediatric registered nurse and then supporting patients as a medical device sales representative, I turned my focus and devotion to candle creation. 
Still with the happiness and care of others in mind, I have set my sights on providing you with a candle that commands attention for its unique, external charm, beautiful, aromatic scent and natural, healthy glow.

In a variety of scents, shapes and sizes, these distinctive candles provide a personal sense of style, fashion and function.

Jamcat Candles were born in late 2017, after I married my husband Brian and realized I would miss the excitement and joy I felt from previously planning our wedding! So I wanted to get those creative juices flowing again!

In early 2018, I built this website, and off I went, in to the challenging and exciting world of small business ownership!

I have always felt that candles should accent one’s decor, so I strive to find and source lovely, fun and cheerful vessels to assist you in expressing your style, and helping you find your decorative voice. 

My goal is to design and create candles that enhance and uplift your environment, are pleasing to your sense of smell and make your eyes light up, not just because of their glowing flame, but because of their beauty and charm.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, my background and my “why”! 

I look forward to hand crafting your candles with tender loving care and thoughtful intention.