As Seen in the Media!

2020 was a memorable year, to say the least!  In addition to the many personal challenges that we all faced, it became obvious small business customers had to make adjustments in their shopping practices as well.
Therefore the landcsape that small business owners and our customers shared became a very different environment, forcing many of us to employ new marketing and sales strategies.
Because of the adjutments I made and the results I achieved, I was featured on Good Morning America! The show reached out to me to discuss how I was able to pivot during the pandemic. 
At first I thought their email requesting an interview was a scam, but it was really GMA!!!
Their Rise and Shine segment highlighted Jamcat Candles and other small businesses
in my great state of Michigan!
It was so fun and exciting to see how they compiled the information
they requested from me, transforming it into the well polished, finished product that aired.  It was quite an exciting day!
Take a look: Good Morning America
Another media opportunity presented itself by surprise when I happened to be participating in an outdoor pop up sale at a neighboorhood boutique and the local news was there!  
I was not prepared for this, but it was fun to see how interested and excited
the reporter was!
Check it out: Local ABC News                                                           
Additionally, I was interviewed by the local newspaper!  Attached is a read through excerpt from the online article.
View the article here: Detroit Free Press 

Thinking of starting a small business?  A good online resource to learn some ins and outs of entrepreneurship is Go Solo.  This online site is primed with interviews, podcasts and business tips and tricks.  You will also find my interview, where I provide some background behind starting Jamcat Candles and some recommendations I have for new business owners.  You can read it here:  Go Solo

And, if you're still hanging out here on this page, maybe you'd like to read another article in City Lifestyle Detroit, that gives you a little more of a peek into my background and how you and I both arrived here, to my shop! 

So, my 15 minutes of fame may be coming to close, but my love of candle making goes on!