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An important step in proper candle care and maintenance is to ensure your candle's wick is an appropriate length for the best burn possible.  A wick that is too long can cause your candle to burn too hot, leading to uneven burning and a smoky flame. Trimming the wick to the correct length before each use can help to prevent these issues and ensure a longer-lasting, cleaner burn.

This Jamcat Candles wick trimmer helps you easily and cleanly keep your wicks even, trimmed and ready for each burn.  A great gift for the candle lover in your life!

  • 7" in length
  • Comfortable and ergonomically shaped
  • Stainless Steel
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Laura G.

This is a must have item!

I've cut candle wicks with scissors forever. However this works much better. It cuts the wick and usually keeps the cut wick piece up off the candle so it is easy to toss out. I no longer mess with a black mark on the top of my candle because a piece of the wick fell off into the candle. (This happened often when I used scissors) I'm much better about cutting my wicks because I have the proper tool that makes it super quick and easy.


Jamcat Candles

Laura, thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I’m so pleased to hear you are putting your wick trimmer to good use, and that it’s treating your candles so well! Keep trimming those wicks so that they can provide your candle with a more long lasting, cleaner burn! Thanks again! Janet