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WAX JAMMIES (Ready To Ship)

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Do you prefer your candle without a flame? These CLAMSHELL melts are designed to be placed in your wax warmer to provide you the same enjoyment of a scented candle, but without the wick! 

Poured and ready to ship in the following scents:

    • Cardigan:  a warm, loving, CASHMERE hug, wrapped in soft, sophisticated notes of MUSK, SANDALWOOD, MANDARIN and LIME ( 2 available)
    • Chilly Willy:  a whisper of cool PEPPERMINT (1 available)
    • Gingy:  GINGERBREAD at its yummiest! (1 available)

    Would you prefer a different scent?  Head to The Accessory Collection where you can customize your own Wax Jammies!

    • 2.2 oz
    • Hand crafted with natural soy wax 
    • Fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils, and free of chemical phthalates 

    Need a wax warmer?  It's nice and convenient to keep additional warmers in more than one room of your house! Plus they make great gifts!! Check them out here!


    CANDLE INGREDIENTS: Jamcat Candles may appear anything but simple on the outside, but the 3 ingredients we choose to put inside them are!  

    We prefer to use soy candle wax, because it is not derived from petroleum oil based by-products, but rather from the natural, renewable resource of soy.  We believe soy candles have a cooler, cleaner burn, with less soot production than paraffin candles. They also have a slower burn time and an easy clean up.

    The cotton wicks that help your candle glow are designed to provide a cooler burn and produce less mushrooming, which is that ball of soot that can accumulate at the top of the wick.

    Fragrance oils have been selected that are infused with essential oils and are free of a chemical solvent called a phthalate.  

    WAX JAMMIES INGREDIENTS:  See above, minus the wick!

    ROOM SPRAY AND TOILET SPRAY:  Your fragrant sprays are made of fragrance oils, alcohol and distilled water.  So are your toilet sprays, but they have a splash of liquid soap included, to help bind the ingredients and keep your toilet water clean.


    Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the ingredients we use in our candle lab! We only put "stuff" into our products that we are comfortable with in our own home.

    Enjoy your products!

    Candle Care

    Care, caution and proper maintenance should always be taken while enjoying your Jamcat Candles.

    The general rules of candle safety are to burn within sight, keep the candle away from things that can catch fire and keep away from children and pets.

    Avoid drafty areas and do not move your candle while lit, and burn only on a level, heat resistant surface.  The industry standard for keeping a candle lit is for no longer than 4 hours at a time.  So, please make sure before leaving the house, or going to sleep, you check to make sure your candles have been extinguished.

    For additional information regarding the importance of your candle's first burn, or trick's to extinguishing your candle, please click this link to read our comprehensive candle care page.


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    Depending on the nature of your order, your purchase will be shipped out as soon as it is completed.  You will receive an email with tracking information, notifying you of its status.