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SNAZZY TINS (Ready To Ship)

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These colorful tins will provide you with vibrant and vivid cheer, long after the life of your candle.  Enjoy, and put them to great use!

Currently ready to ship in the following tin design and scent options:

  • Blue and Pink Floral/Clothesline: the APRIL FRESH scent of clothes just out of the dryer, or those blowing in the breeze on the clothesline outside. (1 available)
  • Earth Tones/Nilly Vanilly:  surround yourself with a familiar VANILLA scent, becasue we know its true, VANILLA is a fan favorite! (1 available
  • Maroon and Gold/Peace Berry: Native American Indians offered CRANBERRIES as a gesture of peace.  So, let there be peace on earth with this juicy CRANBERRY scent. (1 available)
  • Yellow and Teal/Cheers!: stay toasty with this HOT TODDY scent of warm APPLE CIDER, NUTMEG and a hint of BOURBON. (1 available)

Would you prefer a different design or scent? Head to the Unique Vessel Collection where you can customize your own Snazzy Tins!  

  • 4.7 oz
  • Hand crafted with natural soy wax 
  • Cotton wick designed for a clean burn 
  • Fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils, and free of chemical phthalates 
  • Approximate burn time: 20-30 hours

Complete your purchase with a wick trimmer or gift box!

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